Somehow, it has become part of my morning ritual that upon waking I immediately check Twitter on my iPhone 4. I think that it eases me into the day by getting my brain going, quickly checking for news headlines, or interesting Tweets with links. 

The trouble is that it actually rarely leads to finding anything satisfying, and often sucks me in to 15 to 20 minutes of aimless browsing sometimes.

Recently, I've began to question the usefulness of Twitter in my life and why I feel so attached to a medium that is broken. I gave up paying attention to the distorting mainstream media several years ago, but it could be time for a swing back to something of a certain level of quality.

I'm going to replace Twitter in the morning with The New York Times, and I'm going to limit Twitter use to one session per day.

Eventually, I'm just going to stop using it for consumption.

Everyone has to make their own decision, obviously, but Twitter has reached its peak of maximum onanism for me.