An experiment in refactoring Ember Properties

20 Jul 2015

You might have run across the situation where you have lots of properties in a Controller or Component, and they have associated Computed Properties that calculate some presence value. They end up feeling like repetitive boilerplate.

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Announcing Centerline

19 Mar 2015

I like to design in the Browser. Sometimes I’m not quite sure if something is fully centered in the Browser window or not, so I made Centerline. Centerline is just a dumb bookmarklet that adds a global ‘center line’ in your Browser viewport. Here it is:

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A 50,000 foot overview of the Ember.js Run Loop

16 Oct 2014

The Ember Zone HQ is currently being assailed by the remnants of the Super Typhoon Vongfong. Look at that thing (image courtesy of Reid Weisman, Astronaut on the ISS), with its whirling loop of chaos in the middle, the eye, which is apparently 80KM wide. The eye is calm, surrounded by the most intense and fastest winds, with the speeds decreasing the further you are from the eye. Ember has its own whirling pseudo-loop of controlled chaos. Let’s look at the strangely named Ember Run Loop.

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A Simple Auto Expanding Textarea Component

09 Oct 2014

Greetings! The nights are drawing in pretty quickly here, and it’s also additionally pretty dark in the morning due to the mountain I live next to and the added darkness is making it pretty difficult to maintain my early morning routines. A short and sweet post this week about how to extend the built-in Ember.js Textarea View so that it auto expands to contain the text inside it, but first a short interlude into a recent poll I ran on Ember.js usage:

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How Ember.js Finds Stuff

02 Oct 2014

There are several small satellite Islands that surround the main Island that I live on, and believe it or not seem to be fairly reasonably populated. The one depicted in the photo above reputedly has a retired Doctor living on it, who owns a small cannon which he fires off while dressed in full sea-captain regalia. I’ve definitely heard the cannon, but never seen the Doctor with my own eyes…yet. I am curious as to how these folks receive their mail, though. What would their address be? Well, this led me to think about how Ember finds the things it needs.

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